Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mat Zo Continues to Flex His Diversity

What's up Orangeheads! Sorry Chewy and I have been off this past week, just taking a brief hiatus. Anyways, Mat Zo's album Damage Control finally dropped last week!! Holy Electrickk Oranges! So we already know Mat Zo is one of the most talented trance and house producers out there right now, but when was the last time you heard him dabble in Dubstep, Trap, Hip-Hop beats, NuDisco, and more? Take a listen to "Caller ID" whilst doing your best robot dance, and you'll discover just how diverse Mr. Zo can be. Hell, you may even discover something about yourself, like how good you really are at doing the robot.

So I strongly urge you to go purchase this album on iTunes or Beatport, because the full versions of every single song are electrifying! And while you may already be familiar with some of these tracks, nothing compares to "The Sky" in full, undistorted quality. Cheers to you, Mat Zo. -Nate Kates

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Ambient Textures of Mr. FijiWiji

Orangeheads! Long time no see... Well today I am prepared with a very exciting treat for y'all. No, its not a selection of hard drops or mind-numbing basslines--rather, today I present Pittsburgh-based Mr. FijiWiji, whose name is incredibly fun to say aloud. Beyond that, his music is soothing, soul-caressing, and proof of just how chilling synthesizers can be. His beautifully performed piano riffs, unusually smooth chopped vocals, and the danceability of his tracks which, by genre dictation, shouldn't be danceable. Check out a few of his latest songs, off his most recent release titled "Friends."

Man oh man! That piano intro builds so beautifully. This song is, paradoxically, both solemn and electrifying. Next up?

Ooh and I love the attempt at unique percussion in this next one. Despite being beat-driven, FijiWiji still manages to display his cool demeanor here.

In a more downtempo fashion, our man manages to add a little mustard to Drake's "Own It." Personally, I love FijiWiji's ability to manipulate textures so beautifully, perhaps this is part of the reason why his songs manage to bridge the gap between dancefloor and early AM tonalities. Anyways, whether or not you were a big fan of the new Drake album, this remix is classy!

How does he do it? How does he bring so much energy and class to the chill-out genre? Well, Orangeheads, I hope y'all have a fantastic Halloweekend (or rather what remains of it) and, likewise, a great day. For bonus points, here is one of FijiWiji's Deadmau5 remixes. When was the last time you heard a worthwhile "I Remember" reboot? Hit up his soundcloud for more amazing tunes.
Cin cin! -Nate Kates

Friday, October 25, 2013

Branchez Has Got That Ish

EDM's variation of Trap music has been blowing up, and there's absolutely no denying it. Something about the squeaky synths and measured 808 snare makes these tunes incredibly danceable. So lately I discovered Branchez, an NYC-based trap lord whose biography reads: "Producer tryna write hits." Looks like you've got yourself a few hits, my friend, and I'll share them now. First up on deck, his most recent trappy thriller that squares up beautifully with its vocal track.

Remember when I posted Mat Zo's Pyramid Scheme a few days ago? Well, check out this remix! Branchez traps things up nicely.

How about some stab chords? He's hella good at that too:

Last but certainly not least, his first track on Soundcloud. Very different feel here, namely because this ain't a trap tune. But you already know how I love that funky funk...

Anyways folks, that's all the time I've got for you now! Keep exploring the depths of the electrickk ocean, Orangeheads! -Nate Kates

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

KOAN Sound & Asa's Sanctuary

Hey guys, back again to post KOAN Sound & Asa's new EP, "Sanctuary." There is not much to say because words cannot describe how beautiful it is. Just listen to it and let yourself drift through its depths.


Calling All Heroes

We've got some new releases for you today Orangeheads! First, the melodic Adventure Club released their "Calling All Heroes" EP yesterday on iTunes. Besides the first track (which is still awesome), the duo tried expanding from their usual melodic dubstep. "Wonder" fools around with some prog house vibes that I am really digging, and then "Crash" goes a la Dillon Francis with some moombah (hell yes). Finally, to wrap up the EP, Adventure Club tries their hand at the current Beatport Top 100 festival-banger sound (see W&W, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, etc.) with "Thunderclap." Though some of the comments seem to indicate that people aren't too thrilled with their change of direction with this EP, I for one love to see artists fiddling around and developing their sound. That is what makes music good, not making the same thing over and over. There is such thing as too much of a good thing.

Speaking of Dillon, his remix of Oliver's "Night is on My Mind" dropped yesterday as well. Sounds a lot like Crash I must say. What do you think?

Hope you all enjoy the tracks, and have an Orange day!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Space-Age Electrofunk

Ahoy Orangeheads! Today I got a few tunes for y'all that have kept me groovin. First up, a brand-spankin'-new release by Gramatik, Cherub, and Exmag. When has Gramatik come out with a song that didn't satisfy me? Uhh, can't remember... This banger is teeming with old-school funk, but blends it beautifully with today's electro-sound, complete with distorted bass and clean synthesizers. Holy funk, Orangeheads, this track is lighting my computer on fire!

Don't forget to grab the free download off that one. Here's another Gramatik disco bomb. No introduction I could give would do it justice, so why not just press play.

Its like the 80's and OWSLA just had a test-tube child and Gramatik was the petri dish.

For extra credit, check out and download this jam--also comes from Exmag. I think the album art is a solid visual representation of the sound and tone: incredibly spacey, airy, and disco-y. Check it out.

Switching gears a bit, this next one comes from Cape Canaveral's Moon Boots, who has been lighting up the electronic scene lately with his mellow vibes, and is a remix of contemporary underground rising star Bondax. Despite dropping a few months ago, I think you'll find it difficult to pause this song once its rolling, because it is just way too catchy!

Feelin a bit funkier than that? No problem for my man Mr. Boots on them decks again, who blends some groovy classics in this next mix.

Well, how about them oranges? Feelin it yet? Have a funktastic Tuesday, y'all. -Nate Kates

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Everybody Wants to Rule the EDM

Alas, Orangeheads, I come bearing gifts! These are the kinds of gifts that just make you wanna jump out of your seat and start dancing--courtesy of Brooklyn-based production duo The Golden Pony. These guys, despite their eccentric name and nature, have an incredible knack for throwing down funky rhythms. Just look at them (depicted above)! At a glance, they look like the yuppie revival of a familiar, Sly and the Family Stone look. I'll start you off with their most recent delivery, a deep-dance late-nite rendition of a classic.

Such class in that classic track! Now I know I mentioned these fellas are eccentric, but how's this for an eccentric remix of an already bangin' Avicii and Aloe Blocc tag team? Take note of how beautifully he plays with the vocal samples...

Oh, and here is one of my favorites. These golden horses definitely bring the NY funk on this one. Complete with a power chorus and catchy synth-solo, this one here is straight fire.

Anyways guys, in a bit of a rush at the moment. Enjoy these jams and your weekend!

Cheers! -Nate Kates

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dillon and Flux do that Moombah

Howdy Orangeheads! Moombah has faded in and out of the scene over the last few years, surviving largely in part to a few major supporters: Dillon Francis, Diplo, and some standout tracks by Porter Robinson and Knife Party. Now, thank the bass gods, it is popping up again. Dillon Francis and Flux Pavillion have joined forces to get you grooving to the moombah beat with their new single, "I'm the One." It really does a great job capturing both artists' unique sound.

I am going to throw this out there, Dillon Francis is one of my favorite producers. When you watch him perform, it is obvious he is having the time of his life. He is also hilarious. If you don't follow him on Vine and Instagram, you should do so immediately. DJ Hanzel is someone you need in your life. Also, next time he is in town, you better buy a ticket, because he will throw down one of the highest energy sets you have ever seen. At Tomorrowworld, he absolutely killed it. One of the running jokes of the festival was that Main Stage was getting all of the attention and special effects, so, at one point during his set, fireworks started going off, and he yells out like the happiest kid at the 36 second mark:

Of course the audio of that video does his set zero justice, but yeah. Also, below is the track he opened with that I am currently obsessed with

So, I hope you all enjoy moombah as much as I do, because you are going to be seeing a lot more posts including it if things continue down the path they are.



Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The London Late-Night Bass Masters

So many hipsters... and AlunaGeorge, Orangeheads! They rock! Her vocals are so seductive--pair that with the unparalleled lowkey electronica beats she goes in on and you've got yourself something magic. That's exactly how this duo of Aluna Francis and George Reid rolls.

Oh ya, did I mention they've recently worked with Disclosure? They were even kind enough to draw their trademarked scribbly-face over an image of her for the album art.

Man, that song kicks! What a late-night, AM banger. By the way, there's a music video for that too. Cue the fog machines...

Check out this recent music video, it dropped a week ago. Despite being tad more poppy than the previous, this track still has that airy, magical tone.

So, for real, this London-based lass is on fire! I'm seriously in love with Aluna, she just lights up every track! Such positive energy.

Anyways, to switch it up a little bit, here is another track from Disclosure. Their debut album, Settle, released this past June, and I've been on a binge ever since. They really have that rhythmic sense, and their music has pretty much been dictating the direction of today's deep-house and underground electro.

So yeah, pretty big time folks. Get on it!

Dat underground bass...

Well, Orangeheads, until next time. No time better than now to join the musical revolution.
Cheers! -Nate Kates

Monday, October 14, 2013

Calamari Tuesday (on a Monday)

Hola Cabezas Naranjas! Today marks the release of U.K. producer Feed Me's debut studio-album: Calamari Tuesday. I have been a big Feed Me fan for a while due to his unique, ever evolving sound. His tracks always put his own flavor on varying genres, and they each take you on a journey. Each track in this album is its own chapter in the genre-spanning book that is Calamari Tuesday. The production value on every track rivals Deadmau5, and his passion poured into every track is obvious. This passion is part of why on May 22, 2013 John Gooch (Feed Me)  released a series of statements on his Twitter informing his fans that come Autumn, there will be a hiatus in his DJing. He explained to his fans, 'What I really love doing is making music, art, telling stories; being creative. I don't want a situation where this becomes a back seat.' He later tweeted, 'Seems common to assume writing music means wanting to DJ - I started by accident? It's a fun and enriching social experience but not art.' He later confirmed via Facebook that he will resume touring in 2014 after he has spent time creating a short film featuring Feed Me, establishing his own label, working on artwork for his shows, and writing his next studio album. So, I guess until then you should strap in and get ready for this musical journey, now available on iTunes.

For added kicks, here is a recent-ish remix of his that will take you higher



Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lucid Dreaming

Hey Orangeheads! Today, I have something special for you. I mean, anything involving Mat Zo is pretty much guaranteed to light your room on fire. So much energy! Such class! Anyways, his latest banger is no exception. Blending dirty trance-house bass with groovy, almost retro-Daft Punk vibes and classy vocals, this track is huge. 

Mat Zo is an incredible producer. I really don't know what else to say, folks--his music just speaks for itself.

I've had that track on repeat for at least a half an hour, and I'm still loving every second of it. No exaggeration my friends, his production is just that electrifying!

How about another? You may have heard it, but still a heavy-hitter!

Southern Californians, rejoice! Mat Zo is coming to your area. Here are his upcoming tour dates:

Life is but a dream... 
Anyways, until next time Orangeheads. -Nate Kates

Friday, October 11, 2013

Play It Safe: DCUP & Lemâitre

Ahoy there, Orangeheads! I'm back like a chiroprac'. I have loved watching the evolution of funk and nudisco electronic since Duck Sauce hit the scene a few years ago. Since then, indie-dance/nudisco producers have been on the rise for sure. Today I've got quite the selection of tasty treats for y'all, and man are these tracks just teeming with funk.

Most of you have probably heard of DCUP by now, considering he was half the duo that produced "We Speak No Americano." Since then, this Melbourne-based producer has been dropping the nastiest, funkiest tunes, and is making quite the name for himself as a house producer. His signature is a whole lot of funk, a little french touch, and maybe a time machine--cuz he's lightin' it up like the mid-80s.

Oooh, and I love this next track by him. It's just a snippet, but plenty of groove here to get down. "Play it safe, play it safe, play it safe!"

To switch it up a little bit, check out Lemâitre. I'm not entirely sure how you pronounce the name of this Norwegian producing duo, but there's a reason they have over 1 million Soundcloud followers. These guys truly have a gift. They can sing, lay down a heavy bassline, and perhaps above all they've got the funky rhythm in their souls!

Here's one of their fresh collaborations with dubstep-minded Camo & Krooked. One Soundclouder comments about halfway through: "holy bass Batman!" Enough said.

Damn, that song sounds like what Daft Punk would listen to when grinding and putting up weight at the gym. So how about their mellower, funkier side? I love this tune, such catchy lyrics and synthesizers.

For some reason unbeknownst to me, "Keep Close" always brings me to a beach on some desert island... Such a quality blend of melodic, ambient, and funky electro. But you wanted something a little harder and grittier, didn't you? Alas, worry not, I've got your number on speed dial. Try this Uppermost remix on for size, with a free download.

Well, Orangeheads, your weekend awaits. Hopefully with help from these dirty disco drops, it will be hotter than ever. Cheers, friends. -Nate Kates

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Skrillex and Alvin Risk

Hey Orangeheads, are you gearing up for the weekend? I know we are. And just in time to do so, Skrilly has released a track with fellow OWSLA member Alvin Risk. In the description, it claims to "set a perfect mood for exercising, hunting T-Rexs, swimming in volcanos, playing with catbug, playing video games, or just hanging out with your parents on a cool summer's night. If you're feeling like you need a lil umph in your rumph, bang this track and get pumped up for whatever ever it is you're trying out (LOLz)." Skrillex also goes on to say that it will soon be available on iTunes with two B-sides. This is definitely a start for many new tracks  So get your preferred dino-hunting gun and lava-proof swimsuit and give the track a listen.

And for those of you who are not familiar with Alvin Risk, I highly recommend you get to know him. His tracks manage to skirt the line between melody and pure filth, and his live sets blow your head off. I was lucky enough to catch his set at Tomorrowworld, and the energy never died down. Here are some tracks that highlight his skills, but I really hope you all will dig a bit deeper through the spectrum of his stuff.

And to play you out, here is my roommate's latest party mix from 8track's, perfect for Thursday night shenanigans.



Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Year of the Orangehead

Ayo Orangeheads! After quite the leave of absence for Chewy and myself, it seems as though we are finally back on it. I mean, over these past two years the music industry has changed so damn much, what with genres all crossing over and having love-children and what-not. Sure, many would argue that most EDM is becoming homogenized into one poppy, ubiquitous mainstream sound. But alas, Orangeheads, there is so much beneath the surface of the electrickk iceberg in the cold yet immense waters. Just listen to anything released by Machinedrum and try to classify it using one genre.

So how about it, fellas? Here's to EO's return to form, and the Year of the Orangehead!

Of course, as your funky-connection, it is my duty to enlighten you with the dirtiest tracks our friend disco has to offer. To that end, I've always been in love with Grum. His melodic instinct and dirty basslines have brought him to the forefront of today's indie-dance/nudisco scene.

Ever heard of Bondax? No? Well then, you may want to hop aboard this bandwagon as soon as possible. Their ambient sense, catchy lyrical rhythym, and soul-piercing samples combine for one hell of a musical production team. These two London-based producers (depicted above) might look like they're just a few kids funking around with Korgs and Avid, but they produce something special every time! This really is that London house sound, and damn is it infectious.

Well Orangeheads, what can I say? It's damn good to be back, and I hope you'll follow up with Chewy and I again. I've missed posting up here, and like I said there is just so much good music out now! Almost too much...

Anyways, cheers ya EOers! And thank you Based God for Chewy! -Nate Kates

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Phantom Mau5

For those of you who don't keep up with him, Deadmau5 has been pretty active lately. Every few months he will go on sprees, releasing his works in progress on his Soundcloud and lucky for us, this is one of those times. Along with 11 tracks over the weekend, today he has been releasing bits and pieces of what he is calling "Phantom," and damn, does it sound good. The vibes are more akin to his older albums like Random Album Title and For Lack of a Better Name, and that makes me very, VERY happy. People can say what they want about Joel's outspoken antics (see his rejection of MTV's VMA nomination), but the guy can produce. He puts so much care into his tracks, and uses analog instruments to do so. You just have to respect that. He has so much passion for his work. Below is the almost 10 minute "finished" product. Follow through to his page to see the development of it. Could this be the next "Strobe?"

He has posted a "final" version.

Also, ever the troll, he made a version making fun of how many tracks today sound. But even it is still good and better than most similar stuff out there today.

Added bonus, a track that Joel claims has been five years in the making, and still not finished.

Until next time,


Diplo's Revolution

Hey Orangeheads! Today is a great day, because everyone's favorite trend-setter, Diplo, has released his new EP - "Revolution." A truly fitting title considering the twerking revolution he started with his previous "Express Yourself" EP.

From Mad Decent:
Revolution is Diplo's follow up to the meme-defining Express Yourself EP. Teaming up with an all new cast of friends including Mike Posner, RiFF RAFF, Travis Porter, Action Bronson and many more , Diplo has produced one of the most cutting edge dance EP's in recent memory. "Biggie Bounce" continues where "Express Yourself" left off, creating a new NOLA bounce anthem with Travis Porter, restating Diplo's claim to the king of twerk. Diplo aims for the clouds with "Revolution," allowing Kai's vocal delivery to soar above the stadium trap instrumental. "Crown" lets loose one of the hardest drops of Diplo's career only to have him pull it back in with Mike Posner's light hearted vocals. The EP is rounded out with "Rock Steady", an homage to old school hip hop featuring verses from Action Bronson, Mr MFN esquire and Mad Decent's own RiFF RAFF. Each track on the Revolution EP highlights a different aspect of Diplo's production style and displays why he's one of the most sought after producers in the world.

So give it a listen, and try not to get your booty-pop on. Everyone one the Mad Decent label just seems to have the ability to get me insanely pumped up. After just getting back from Tomorrowworld, the Mad Decent Stage was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend. 

As an added bonus, also check out Diplo's latest track for the upcoming Hunger Games sequel: Catching Fire, ft. Sia and The Weeknd.

Take it easy all,