Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wake up, it's Tuesday

Damn. So it's been a while since Electrickk Orange has posted anything. That's our fault. We apologize. We let life get the better of us, leaving all you Orangeheads out to dry with no access to all the newest beats. We hope the withdrawals weren't unbearable.

The good news- we are working on a Jordan-level comeback. However, be patient with us- we don't have the bloggers equivalent of MJ's athleticism to easily shift from dormant to instant badassery like he did from baseball to basketball. But we'll get there.

Part of this comeback includes adding new players and ideas for Electrickk Orange, the first of which you see revealed in this post. I'm Dylan, and I'll be teaming up with Chewy and the rest of EO to try to bring everyone the best music to chill, party, dance, etc. to.

For today, I bring you these two new MASSIVE Showtek songs to wake you up this Tuesday. When I say massive, they kickstarted me out of my study groove and into writing up this post. And these are just teasers, imagine what the entire songs will be like. We'll get you those as soon as they're available. Should I be studying? Absolutely. But I'm not. That's the kind of dedication you can expect from us from now on.

You're welcome-

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